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SOLARQ - File Location Solution

The SOLARQ is a system of organization and image management, and those arising from electronic files or papers.

The system is the result of years of experience and expertise in development of document organization systems focused on recovery and identification.

The document image is now the most used way to streamline management processes in this way. We created the SOLARQ system that allows addition to the management of document and image, share through workflow to versions of interactivity and new documents to the specific group of users, which are defined by the team.

We believe it is necessary and strategic that the images have clear identification as well as a quick and effective way of recovery. In this way, we create a specific OCR search (Optical Character Recognition – OCR), which makes searching within the image. That is very important when it comes to documents with more than 50 sheets. The SOLARQ system has no attachment size limits, and works with all file extensions, thus allowing all documents electronically generated can be maintained in the format that were produced by rationalizing the large amount of unnecessary printing .

This is a major system innovation that is bringing a new organizational culture , integrating information being produced and can be managed and shared in real time and in any physical part where the user is , therefore, the management and encryption of information is done through the “cloud”. The challenge and Criarq mission is to seek in the market, tools not only effective in final results, but also provide a fair cost, so all companies, regardless of their size, can use the system and grow within the parameters of the organization.

Some Advantages Of Using The System


Solarq Arquivos - Segurança dos Dados


Solarq Arquivos - Suporte Especializado


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Targeting the data security, the system is hosted in the cloud, being the current provider of the AMAZON, so we guarantee:

• The entire server architecture is structured for high availability, ensuring search and display of any file.

• Information , shared files and passwords between the user and the server are encrypted.

• A safe and reliable service.

• Specialized technical support.

• Back-up data daily.

• Replication in a 2nd back-up outside Brazil.

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