See what our customers have to say about Criarq Group.


The most innovative, practical and modern system of control and information storage of scanned documents that Votorantim has adopted in recent times.

In addition to the ease in handling and obtaining information, the Solarq System contributes to archive the documents in a secure, easy and quick location.”


Cláudia Lucas Fellippin and Silvia Cardoso

Votorantim Participações S.A. (client since 2006)

“The Solarq system provides us with greater agility in the attendance of audit and inspection, allows us to manage the job steps and measure the time for completion and submission to interested parties. In addition, offers security in the information made available by restricting access according to users ‘ need.”


Fabio Cavalcante dos Santos

Thales International Brasil Ltda. (client since 2015)

“With the Criarq is easy to work with, quick services, without unnecessary bureaucracy, an agile company, wich understands the client’s need. We often have urgent needs that are readily served by Criarq. I can quote a service provided by Criarq which particularly pleased me enough, the old documents disposal. Very well done, very well documented. We have used the material to show Sweden how we manage our archive. I can say that Nynas is very pleased with the service Criarq provides.”


Ricardo Chrispim

Nynas do Brasil Comércio Serviços e Participações Ltda. (client since 2005)

“I work with the team at Criarq since August 2005. Always attentive and helpful in the services provided to the Human Resources Department of OABSP.”


Sebastião Borges

Área de Recursos Humanos da OAB – SP (client since 1999)

“The Solarq is a practical system and with many amenities for the insertion of information. However, the big difference is the accurate and rapid retrieval of documents.”  


Solange Simões